Service over and above


Steeline is a trusted group of Australian-owned metal roofing and steel building product specialists. They locally manufacture and distribute a range of quality steel structures – from roofing and fencing to skylights, patios and sheds.

The Steeline Group is made up of over 35 locations Australia wide.

The remit

We have two remits with Steeline.

National Marketing Program.

For over 6 years, we have been the independant marketing consultants helping the Steeline Group implement the group wide marketing program across Australia. This invovles formulating the overall strategy and then managing a group of specialist agencies to deliver on this program. We have structured this relationship to focus on the strategy, and to provide independant advice to the Exec Team without any vested interest.

Local Member Support

We undertake strategy, creative and advisory services to a number of Member’s within the Group as part of their local programs leveraging the assets provided by the National Marketing Program.

Developing the brand

A full program to roll out the brand is completed. This included branding the office, properties, vehicles,  created a new website, and now we are implementing the content strategy to ensure that Viridis Ag remains at the forefront in peoples mind for sustainable grain production.


We care about the journey.