Disrupting Real Estate
Stanley & Martin


Stanley & Martin are one of the regions leading real estate agents with strong brand equity and awareness in residential, commercial and investment property services. They have always lead the way in real estate, constantly evolving as the market evolves.

Building the Brand

Stanley & Martin are an institution in the area where there are a plethora of copycats. Their brand is strong but they wanted Big to give them a brand platform to disrupt the conventions of real estate marketing and branding, whilst creating a unique brand platform that they could own.

Big reviewed their existing brand and brand guidelines and refined the logo to bring in colour, and an icon.

Unique visual language

Big has developed a unique visual language for all their advertising, promotional collateral and signage and it will now be rolled out into all their future materials and business offerings.

Stanley & Martin continue to disrupt this highly competitive marketplace.


Inner city living at its best.