Better by a country mile
Riverview Farms


Riverview Farms is Rivalea’s latest pork brand disrupting the pork category by creating a strong consumer brand to differentiate their product in a commoditised market place.

The first stage was launching their traditionally roasted, in store, pork roast into a major supermarket retailer. After a successful trial in Victoria, it has now been ranged nationwide, meaning that almost 80,000 happy customers a week are enjoying a succulent roast cooked for them in store.

Off the back of this success, all your favourite fresh cuts are now available in the independent supermarkets across Australia.

Australians can all enjoy pork that’s better by a country mile.

Developing Communications Plan

Working with the already existing brand elements, we developed the new positioning and communications strategy for the full product range.

The communications strategy defines how the overarching brand proposition of “Better by a country mile” relates to the four brand pillars, and then how this is executed into the market as consumer propositions.

Launching the brand

This integrated approach included a complete suite of new POS materials, a suite of new TVCs focusing on the deli roast, beautiful photography and imagery, a completely refreshed and updated website, and full social media creative and management to push the products in the social space.

Working closely with the client and their media partner Wavemaker, Riverview farms is on it’s way to becoming Australia’s favourite branded pork product.

Art Direction and Photography

Key to the effectiveness of all the communications is to build out a suite of beautiful assets and images showcasing the product in all it’s glory.

We are pleased to credit our good friends at Benchmark Media for their expert skills in this highly technical and specialised craft. It makes our job easier when you have fantastic images and assets to work with.


Better crops. Better future.