We care about the journey
O’Brien Transport Group


O’Brien Transport Group is one of the region’s leading transport operators with O’Brien Transport handling long haul and Albury Blue as the distribution arm.

Operating for three generations, O’Brien Transport Group is a successful and highly respected logistics operation which has focused on building a successful and respected business with scale.

Building the Plan

They came to Big to discuss how to attract the elusive professional driver to join their ranks and it became clear that a strategic review of their business was needed to formulate a plan to take the Group to the next level.

Working with the owners and management team, we ran a number of strategy sessions and workshops where we developed a new proposition which articulates what was already in place, the fact that O’Briens do care. After extensive research and validation, Big distilled this to the powerful brand positioning.

We care about the journey.

This encapsulates the brand, operations and future direction and creates a communications platform to allow O’Briens to grow to the next level.

Relaunching the brand

With a fleet of over 50 prime movers and 200 trailers, a pragmatic approach has been taken to re-launch O’Brien Transport Group.

Focusing on internal communications to get buy-in on this proposition we have embedded this proposition into the business, and their biggest billboard,  the trucks. It is an expensive process and the latest fleet has been rebranded with the new logo and positioning. As the fleet is updated, so will the branding.

A new website was developed and launched to tell the full story and as an effective recruitment tool.

Previously O’Brien Transport Group had an issue with attracting the best drivers, and this has been resolved, and now the issue is procurement of new trucks to meet the demands of the growing customer base. What a great problem to have!

It is a long journey, but O’Brien Transport Group cares about the journey.


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