A brand to match lofty ambitions
New Edge Microbials


New Edge Microbials (NEM) are Australia’s largest industrial producer of microbes that are used in agriculture to aid plant growth and to increase yields in crops. NEM have been around for over 25 years and has largely flown under the radar, with almost no marketing or branding in market.

With new ownership, NEM is developing a business strategy that will grow their operation significantly, and they are looking to export their product around the globe, and also looking to increase their product range through partnering with overseas companies to produce and supply the Australian agricultural market. They want to grow.

They came to Big Agency looking for a logo, and once we started discussions it became clear that they needed to go back a step, and they needed a brand strategy and new positioning which then informs they new identity.

And that’s when the fun begun.

Our Rationale

After reviewing their strategic agenda which articulates the business evolution both internally and also externally with product and R&D, and following on from a number of strategy sessions with the leadership team and board, we developed a brand positioning framework that matches their lofty plans for the business.

They are all about helping their clients grow crops and grow their businesses. They are equally focused on growing the skillsets and careers of their people, and ultimately they are about growing the NEM portfolio of products, scale of the business and representation in the global market.

This distills into the new brand proposition of:

Growing Better

Simple, emotional, understandible and relatable. Genius.

Branding Rollout

A full brand rollout has been completed which included:

  • Building signage and branding
  • Clothing and uniforms
  • A new website
  • Marketing collateral
  • Corporate collateral

The new collateral has been widely commended both within Australia and around the Globe.

We even held a launch event for staff and they love the brand proposition and new creative, and they are now all on the journey of growing better.

Internal Brand and Comms

The corporate vision, values and principles were already strong, well defined and comprehensive, but these were re-articulated to incorporate growing better into the internal venacular and it now completes the implementation of this proposition.

We look forward to watching NEM achieve thier plans and helping them on this exciting journey.


Redefining corporate farming.