Summer Place


MAMA reimagines what a gallery can be. More than a showcase for art, MAMA is an all-encompassing contemporary art experience that balances international touring exhibitions with deep connections to our surrounding regional area and cultural identity. MAMA is in touch with the community and is an inclusive place for art to thrive.

From the calibre of its programming and events to its contemporary architecture, MAMA delivers a world-class tourism experience and stands proudly among the ranks of Australia’s leading contemporary art museums.

MAMA is about discovery

Promoting the event

As a creative business, Big is proud to sponsor MAMA’s Summer Place project, as we are firmly committed to promoting the arts to the wider community and region. Part of this sponsorship was to work with the team pulling together this new annual initiative.

Summer Place is an experimental space connecting architecture with art. This temporary structure is constructed in QEII Square and will remain standing for only 3 months, and it will be replaced with a new place each year.

Big supported the project by developing a visual identity, naming the project, developing the promotional material and providing strategic advice on marketing and communication of the project.

Transforming waste

In the first annual experimental architecture project, architect Raffaello Rosselli will transform waste materials from Albury’s Waste Management Centre.

This structure is being constructed out of bails of hard plastics hand cut to size and stacked like bricks to form the space. What a great way to highlight the issue of waste, and to find an innovative way to use these otherwise useless materials.


Adaptable Modular Loading System.