Redefining corporate farming
Lawson Grains


Lawson Grains is one of Australia’s leading corporate grain farmers through investments in people, environments and best practice. Established in 2012, Lawson now own and operate over 100,000 hectares of diversified and large scale cropping farms across Australia.

In 2017, Lawson had acquired their last property. Prior to this point, Lawson purposely kept a low profile as they were building their portfolio, and it was now time to promote this fantastic agribusiness to the wider industry and world.

Lawson followed us into Big as one of our foundation clients. And we were super happy about this!

The remit

When we first started working with Lawson prior to Big, we helped define their purpose, values and develop their strategic marketing program for both internal and external audiences.

The next phase was to drive awareness of Lawson Grains as a major player in the industry and to communicate their point of difference. Lawson is proud to be a corporate farmer, and we are redefining what corporate farming means and the real benefit this provides to the industry.

We are now at the stage of building out the brand stories which clearly evidence their purpose of “Australia’s leading corporate grain farmer through investments in people, environments and best practice.”

Building the Internal Brand

A key component of this strategic marketing program is to capture the essence of Lawson Grains and to build out on the newly articulated corporate values, to develop the organisation’s EVP and to implement the internal communications program.

This is not only as a recruitment tool but perhaps, more importantly, to formalise and reinforce the already established culture.

This program communicates how the values support the company’s purpose statement, how they shape the culture, and how they reflect what Lawson as an organisation values. They are the essence of Lawson Grain’s identity – the principles, beliefs and philosophy.

Telling the story

In February 2018, we embarked on building the Lawson story by developing their strategic content plan to build the brand story, creating engaging content and connecting on social media.

And it’s fair to say that this has worked out. Within 6 months we had built their audience from 0 to over 2,500 followers, and have had fantastic engagement.

Social has quickly become a strong platform for Lawson Grains, not only generating awareness of the operation and the brand but also as a highly effective recruitment tool.


Better by a country mile.