Beautifying the local environment
AlburyCity Council


AlburyCity is a progressive, active and dedicated Council. They are leaders in our region, striving to make our region a leader on the national stage.

They serve over 52,000 residents, providing and maintaining facilities and services for residents, including over 96 parks, public and play spaces and cultural and sports facilities.

The remit

We have been working with AlburyCity initially with their Public Art program on initiatives to not only beautify the environment, but also as part of their anti-graffiti program.

We are now working a range of other teams within the Council on a diverse range of projects. Watch this space as more work is completed.

Asset Beautification

A full program to beautify assets such as the NBN boxes, and RMS traffic boxes is well and truely underway. Over 50 boxes are now wrapped with pieces to highlight local flora and fauna, key historical events, and to promote locations around Albury.


We care about the journey.