Murray Towns Brewing Co

Big Agency - Murray Towns Beer packaging Design - Nagging Sal, A beer named Sue, smooth operator, the ashes

We have worked collaboratively with the guys at Murray Towns from the very beginning. It all started with naming the business, developing the logo and visual language for the brand. We had fun developing the naming conventions for the products, packaging and full rollout into the pub environment. It’s an awesome beer and a brand […]

Rotor Solutions Australia

Big Agency - RSA - photography

Rotor Solutions Australia (RSA) is the region’s leading precision aerial solution provider, with a fleet of helicopters and now industrial drones. We have helped them refine their brand, and then implement this in a manner which reflects their industry leading position. Sector Aerial Services Services Identity Design Environmental Design Video & Photography Print Design Website […]

meet pat

Big Agency - Meet Pat - Water Station - Environmental Design

meet pat® manufacture modular water stations shaped by innovative industrial design to deliver safe drinking water for all. We have developed the Playbook which sets the framework for how we position the world’s best water stations in both domestic and international markets. Sector Manufacturing Services Brand Strategy Core Messaging and Brand Guidelines Print Design Website […]


Big Agency - Rise Estate For Sale Board

Rise needed a name, brand strategy and identity to launch into the local real estate market. What resulted matched the owner’s personality and values, and it achieved the desired result of providing a fresh player in an otherwise conservative market. Sector Retail & Hospitality Services Brand Strategy & Naming Identity Design Packaging Design Print Design […]

Chameleon AMLS

Big Agency - Chameleon AMLS – Adaptable Modular Loading System - Photography

Chameleon is completely disrupting how you buy and use a trailer or ute tray. A modular and interchangeable revolution, easily reconfigurable to meet your changing loading requirements. Sector Automotive Services Brand Strategy & Naming Identity Design Product Branding Print Design Video & Photography Website Design & Development Social Media Website “Big Agency has been […]

Viridis Ag

Viridis Ag is one of Australia’s largest corporate cropping enterprise and Big Agency have shared in their journey since its inception in 2018. We named, positioned and branded, and continue to build their story as enterprise grows. Sector Agriculture Services Brand Strategy & Naming Identity Design Print Design Website Design & Development Video & Photography […]


Big Agency - Bertazzo – The Art of Engineering - photography is passionate about Australian manufacturing and “The Art of Engineering”. Its mission – to continually promote the industry at large and the intrinsic values of  Australian Made. This purpose has been brought to light within all touch-points; highlighted by a series of short films investigating what drives the champions of industry to reinvigorate industry […]

O’Brien Transport Group

Big Agency - O'Brien Transport – We care about the journey

O’Brien Transport Group genuinely cares about their journey – not just about the freight they transport, but more importantly the journey of its people, and clients. We’ve developed this positioning, informing the Group’s brand and tactical communications. Sector Transport Services Brand Strategy Identity Design Environmental Design Print Design Video & Photography Website Design & Development […]

New Edge Microbials

New Edge Microbials (NEM) is Australia’s largest industrial producer of microbials and biological products to aid plant growth and increased crop yields. The strategic agenda formed the company’s internal and external evolution. This led to the development of a new identity informed by a brand positioning framework matching New Edge Microbial’s lofty ambitions. Sector Manufacturing […]

Making a big impact on our local city

We are engaged with AlburyCity’s commitment in beautifying its environmental representation through a number of Public Art initiatives; developed an integrated social awareness campaigns; signage and wayfinding, and help brand and promote its new industrial estate. An eclectic body of work showcasing our collective pride in the place we live. Sector Public Services & Government […]